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To Believe or Not to Believe...

That is The New Question.

· Humanity

Once upon a time it was a matter of existence..."To be or not to be", that was the main question.

Power, Love, Peace, Health, Security and many other states of mind and the body were defined by either a human or a spiritual entity.

Humanity always brings controversy as we evolve through civilizations and modern times, we are participating of our own Evolution and perhaps Existintion, unless we address this new question, "To Believe on Not to Believe".

Our way of thinking and feeling about each other affects weather we agree or disagree about our ideas, plans and actions within our society.

What was once essential and important to all of us as human beings was suddenly fading away: trust, faith, values, ethics, morality, dignity, principles and beliefs...

Hang in there...Politics, Wars, Corruption, Global Warming, Natural Events such as Covid, and so on are nothing new, we are all just strugling to get things straight, but social-media has been on the way.

In a desperate intend to rescue and realign again our Humanity, Human race and even our own existence we are alll trying to fit into a new diversity, inclusive inclusivity experiment.

We better Believe soon, we got this!

A New Parign is being established along people around the world when Artificial Intelligence (AI) opens a new Chapter using CHATXYZ, "Believe it or not".

Faith over Fear...In God We trust!

To be continued...