• Your Love Definition

    It's different for everyone, so don't be confused...


    Weather you care or not, other people's view of love turns around life around themselves.


    At any stage in life you will appreciate your own existence and hopefully at evvery step of your way.


    You can ask normal risen children when provided with essential needs and sentimentally to understand this one.


    There's no a default answer or way to explain the personal experience of a human being with a Superior existence.


    Many people show a tendency to love Nature as much than anything else as long as it's either alive or brings admiration for its creation, including pets, birds, the ocean, the Universe and the Planet itself!


    Other people dedicate their own life to serve and save others, including those who choose a religious life as vocation.


    When was the last time you believed in pure friendship and you can't waste any time to reach out and share life experiences or any hobbies?

    Significant Other

    When you care enough about someone else to deposit your trust, life and passion consistenly and almost unconditionally!